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EMBRACE PURE, TOXIN-FREE BEAUTY for healthier skin and gorgeous complexions. AUDRE LEIGH’S sophisticated, plant-based skincare formulations use nature’s most potent ingredients designed to give your body the ultimate clean beauty experience. 




1 Rosewater Face Soap (4 oz)

1 Earth Cleanse Face Scrub (2 oz)

1 Floral Face Steam (4 oz)

1 Root Clay Face Mask (1 oz)

1 Beauty Water Face toner (2 oz) 

1 Beauty Seed Face Oil (1 oz)

1 Organic Muslin Face Towel

1 Bath Bomb (2 oz)

1 Artisanal Blending Clay Bowl


ROSEWATER — a gentle facial soap made with rosewater, organic babassu, avocado and rice bran oil and mango butter as well as pink clay and a floral blend of essential oils. (4oz)

EARTH CLEANSE — exfoliation is key for healthy complexions. Audre Leigh Earth Cleanse powder scrub is a gentle face polisher, revealing fresh skin as it naturally removes dirt and dead skin cells from the surface. A curated list of food-grade ingredients such as organic hemp and rice powders, as well as pineapple and mango extracts, makes this face exfoliator a must-have in your beauty regimen. (2 oz)

Floral Steam — the natural beauty of flowers is laced into this ancient beauty ritual of bathing in petals. Rose buds, marigold and hibiscus, along with elderberries, rosehip seeds, willow bark and yarrow are combined to balance and soothe the tone and appearance of your skin. Included is a linen bag for bath teas and ease of use.(4 oz)

Root clay mask— a facial mask filled with magical clays and botanical ingredients that smooth the skin’s appearance and promote radiant skin naturally. Excellent for normal to dry skin. (2 oz)

Beauty Water — a must in your daily beauty ritual as a toning and hydrating mist, with soothing aloe vera, helichrysum, rose, ylang ylang floral waters and cornflower extract, this completely natural spray is gentle for all skin types. (2 oz)

Beauty Seed Oil — a moisturizing treatment to boost the skin’s natural elasticity, enhancing the tone, appearance, and overall health of your skin. Formulated with organic rosehip, jojoba, argan, camilla seed oils as well as carrot seed and squalane oils that heal tired and sun-damaged skin. (1oz)

Organic muslin face towel — reusable. Fresh. Clean surfaces are integral to fresh clean skin.

Bath Bomb — envelop your body in therapeutic clay, sea salts, and a curated list of essential oils (2 oz)

Artisanal clay bowl — by Montreal designer Marko Savard. Blend your clay mask to your preferred consistency in this beautiful keepsake bowl (Marko designs different sets of clay bowls for our collections, so not each one will be exactly as shown in the photo).



No Toxins, No Fillers, No Artificial Colours, No Artificial Fragrances, No Synthetic Chemicals, Non GMO, No Parabens, No Cruelty.


AUDRE LEIGH bath and beauty products are all wrapped in organically-inspired, handmade rice paper pouches and handmade boxes.